Urth Cafe in Downtown LA


I met up with a friend at one of my favorite spots in Los Angeles; Urth Caffe. It’s located in the Arts District which is a unique area of downtown that is very much up-and-coming. Sadly, it was our last day of spring break. We met up to catch up and talk about our various shenanigans from our breaks.

Whenever I go to Urth Caffe, I have to grab one of their coffees. Their coffee is all organic.. perfect. On top of that, they have various non-dairy milks that include soy, almond, and rice. I get so excited when places have almond milk for their coffee! (I get even more excited when the almond milk is organic). I can’t talk enough about my love for almond milk with coffee (but I will spare you the rambling). Let’s just say, the combination is perfect! I don’t even see why people would choose regular milk over it!



I am really hoping that almond milk in general won’t be hard to find when I am traveling abroad. If I do find some, you can be sure that I will blog about it! As for Urth Caffe.. this place is a perfect option for a delicious almond milk latte. They also have great smoothies as well! I love getting the pineapple, mango, and banana blend. Actually, I sometimes even add almond milk to my smoothie to make it more creamy!


Urth Caffe
451 South Hewitt St, Los Angeles, CA
(213) 797-4534


Have you ever been to Urth Caffe or found Almond Milk abroad?

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