My Bucket List Escape to San Diego and First Experience with Air BnB


Awhile back I made a bucket list chock full of things I want to do before I leave the United States. One of them included taking a trip down to San Diego. You might be thinking.. “That’s a really random city!”, but it wasn’t to me! I have always heard so many great things about San Diego. The people are really nice, the beaches are clean, there is a lot less traffic; basically,it’s Los Angeles without all of the negative aspects.

From what I heard, I always thought that San Diego may be that one city in the United States I would consider coming back to live in after my travels. I wanted to see for myself if San Diego would live up to what I had pictured in my mind it would be.

This trip was a little bit unique from the get-go. I went with some friends from college, meaning that we were all on a tight budget. We wanted to find cheap accommodation that was not out on the outskirts of the city. That’s where the wonderful site called Airbnb came in. Basically, people use this website to rent out their apartments, condos, spare rooms, etc., as if they were hotel rooms. Through this site, my friends and I were able to find a very nice condo (the entire condo), that was right downtown, for only $99 dollars/night! Two bedrooms and two bathrooms for $99/night split between four people is insanely cheap! So to say the least, our trip began on an amazing note. The condo was so clean, the kitchen was stocked, and us girls had our own bathroom and bedroom.. priceless.

San Diego was absolutely breathtaking.. so much so that I forgot to take pictures for the first day and a half! (Whoops, won’t happen again!) Before we had even arrived at the Airbnb, I was commenting on how beautiful the coast was. The first night we went out to the Gaslamp District. This area was so clean and everyone was extremely friendly! We could wear jeans and walk from bar to bar; couldn’t be more ideal for someone that doesn’t like to get dressed up super nice and go out!

The next day we ventured out into the city to find the amazing Mexican and Seafood that San Diego is known for. We ate at an amazing mexican seafood hole-in-the-wall type restaurant called Oscar’s Mexican Seafood. There shrimp tacos were OUT OF THIS WORLD! I could not get enough.. the shrimp tasted so fresh!

Our last day we woke up (sort of) early to go grab some brunch. We heard that this place called Snooze was one of the best places to go to but usually has a long line. The Yelp reviews did not lie.. the wait was estimated to be 50 minutes! We stuck it out though and I’m glad we did. Not just because we ended up waiting only about 30 minutes but the food.. Holy Shitake Mushrooms.. It was AMAZING! My friend and I split the vegetarian Eggs Benedict and the OMG French Toast. OMG.. the french toast was just.. OMG. Hah, ok.. Enough of that. But on a serious note, check this place out and stick through the wait!

We ended our last day of the San Diego excursion relaxing on Mission Beach. My friends and I must have missed the memo though because the beach was packed with children and families! Nothing against kids but when I am trying to relax, I’d rather not have them there ;).

Overall, San Diego was beautiful and quite friendly, but it was not the magical wonderland that would make me want to live in the United States. I appreciate it for being way more to my liking than Los Angeles but it wasn’t my perfect fit. Oh well.. I am still holding a little hope for somewhere in Hawaii ;)!

3940 5th Ave, San Diego, CA
(619) 500-3344

Oscar’s Mexican Seafood
646 University Ave, San Diego, CA
(619) 798-3550


Have you ever been to San Diego? What was your experience like? Where did you go to eat? 

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