From LA to Tokyo.. Little Tokyo!


First off, I am extremely surprised that I didn’t explore Little Tokyo sooner. I am fascinated with Japanese culture plus.. I LOVE SUSHI. Sorry for the outburst but I am a sucker for a good sushi roll. I know a lot of people don’t consider rolls to be real sushi but, sue me. It’s what I grew up on! Ever since I was really little I remember my parents brining home sushi for dinner or my mom packing sheets of seaweed with sticky rice in my lunchbox for school. Let’s just say, it’s a love affair.

Anyways, Little Tokyo seemed fascinating to me and luckily I have a friend that knew the ins and outs of the district. We started the day out at this little coffee shop called Demitasse. This place serves amazing coffee and is even known to have the best dipping chocolate (hot chocolate) in Los Angeles! I did have a sample of the chocolate and it was amazing but super rich! It literally tasted like a melted chocolate bar. I stuck to my pistachio rose latte with almond milk instead 🙂

After getting a recommendation from our barista at Demitasse, my friend and I headed around the corner to a revolving sushi bar called Kula. The wait was a little long, which we were told it was known for, but the sushi was superb! My judgment may have been swayed because of the fact that each plate of sushi was only $2 though! Great sushi for cheap? That’s my kind of place!

With our bellies extremely full we explored the rest of Little Tokyo; saw lots of panda items, browsed around a Japanese convenience store, took a bunch of pictures, and finally ended the day by getting mochi balls with ice cream inside! I am normally not an ice cream fan but according to my friend I had to try these mochi balls.

I bought a green tea and Kona coffee flavored ball. They were both decently good.. but I am still not a fan of ice cream. Oh well.. At least I gave it a shot!

Little Tokyo is a small area but it was definitely worth a day trip. If great sushi and cute little stores is something that sparks your interest, I would highly suggest visiting this district.

Also, If you are in the mood for a good laugh, check out this video that my friend Wendy posted of us eating random things that we found at the Japanese convenience store!

135 S San Pedro St, Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 613-9300

Kula Sushi:
333 E. 2nd St., Los Angeles , CA 90012



Have you ever been to Little Tokyo or other districts in LA?

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