Grabbing lunch at Mohawk Bend in Echo Park


I have been living in Los Angeles for almost three years now. My favorite thing to do is grab lunch with some friends. I am much more of a lunch person.. the meals are usually cheaper and I don’t like eating too late at night.

The other day I met up with two of my girl friends that I used to work with at a place called Mohawk Bend. It is a restaurant in Los Angeles; Echo Park to be exact. From what I have heard, they have amazing beers but unfortunately (for them), I don’t drink beer! The atmosphere of the restaurant was great though and our server was quite friendly!

Their menu is largely vegan which is great for me. They even label what isn’t vegan with a (NV) mark. I found that to be so cool since it is normally the other way around! My friends and I started off with the vegan Chili Cheese Fries. Yum! They were delicious. I love cashew cheese and theirs didn’t disappoint!

Then my friend and I split the BBQ Sandwich and I got a half order of the Keenwah salad. I loved the chickpea cutlets on the sandwich but it was a little spicy to say the least! (But I am a baby with spice so my comment may be ignored). I powered through the spice and loved the sandwich regardless! The Keenwah salad was bland, I wouldn’t  really recommend it. In all, Mohawk Bend was a fun place and definitely has the relaxed, alternative vibe that Echo Park is known for.


Mohawk Bend
2141 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
(213) 483-2337


What’s your favorite lunch spot in Los Angeles?

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