Don’t Know How to Meditate? There’s an App for that..


Apps have changed the way I meditate.. When I just started out on my whole spiritual/yogic journey, I highly doubted I could ever be one of those people that could meditate to bring about positive changes in my life. To be honest, whenever my college yoga teacher would tell us to lay back and close our eyes, all I could think about was how weird and awkward it was.

Oh how that has changed.

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Fast-forward to good ole 2016 and I am a whole-hearted, giddy fan girl of the magical experience of meditation.

Do I sit in a room, in complete silence, not allowing any thoughts to enter my peaceful sanctuary that is the inner workings of my mind? Heck no. That may work for some people, but it’s not that easy for me yet.

I use several different apps on my smart phone to help me meditate. Why? Because..

  1. Someone is telling you what to do and think.
  2. There are different kinds of meditations depending on how you feel/what you want to achieve.
  3. They’re FREE
  4. And a lot of the time, the voices are actually quite soothing

So there you go. If you think meditation seems hard or something you will never be able to do, you can learn how to using these apps. Some of them require additional purchases for various meditations, but it is not necessary to purchase anything on them.


Stop, Breathe, and Think

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This was the first meditation app that I fell in love with. Not only does it ask you how you are physically feeling, emotionally feeling, and mentally feeling, and then decides which meditations best suits you.. but it also lets you choose the duration of the meditation! Have only 6 minutes to spare or want to invest 20 minutes of your day into it? There are options for both!


Guided Mind

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The feature I love best about this app is that it has SO MANY topics to choose from. Sleep, Appreciation, Awareness, Body Scan.. There is a guided meditation for just about everything. Not all of the meditations are free, but there are enough free ones to keep you thoroughly satisfied.



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I haven’t used this app too much, but from what I have experienced, the guided meditations are great. I especially recommend the one that is led by Gabrielle Bernstein since I am a huge fan of hers!


Relax Melodies

relax melodies, meditate, meditation, app, application

This app is actually, technically.. not a meditation app. I downloaded it for the relaxing noises to play when I am trying to fall asleep. But, to my surprise, I found a hidden gem in this one. The app has one free meditation called “Sleep Therapy for Deep Calm”. I kid you not, I have used this guided meditation at least 20 times. It is magical, wonderful, and I always fall asleep by the end of it. Not to mention, you can have any of the background noises (beach waves, rain drops, etc.) playing in the background AND you can set an alarm for it to turn off.



Meditation seems intimidating but it has so many proven benefits that it really is worth a try! I was a skeptic, but now I am hooked on it. Give these apps a try! You literally have nothing to lose.. (except maybe stress, anxiety and sleeplessness 😀 )

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