Review: Kamer01 BnB in Amsterdam

Let it be known.. Amsterdam is my favorite city. Ever. Period. Done. End of story. If you haven’t been, I would highly recommend it be on the top of your list whenever you plan a trip to Europe.

Aside from the gorgeous canals and picturesque houses, there is the overall vibe of the city. Everyone is so welcoming, open to new people coming in, and everyone seems to just love life; it’s truly the best atmosphere that I think a city could have.

I was lucky enough to visit Amsterdam for a second time with my good friend Heidi that I met while living in China. We both also have a mutual friend that lives in Amsterdam so the trip seemed inevitable and perfect.

Of course, when it comes to traveling, the biggest decision is where to stay. So, let’s take this a step back and talk again about those picturesque houses you imagine lining the canals of Amsterdam. Ever wonder what it is like to live in one? Would you maybe even want to stay in one to have an authentic Amsterdam experience?

Look no further than the Bed & Breakfast, Kamer 01.


Peter (left) and Wolter (right).

We stumbled upon this little gem when searching through Google for a good bed and breakfast in the city. Alas, we came across a post by the Guardian, describing Kamer 01 as “intimate” and “exemplary”.. and of course describing their 4-course breakfast. That’s something you just can’t pass up.

When we arrived at the hotel, we were quickly greeted by one of the owners named Peter. He was very welcoming as he guided us up the narrow and winding stairs to their first floor (second in American terms), which was a “Butler Room” converted into a beautiful dining area.

We were greeted with some refreshments and a decedent pastry as we learned more about the property and were quickly joined by the other owner, Wolter. I soon learned that Wolter is actually very seasoned in hotel management. He described working for several fabulous hotels over the years, which came as no surprise as his service and demeanor exceeded my expectations.



After the introductions, a lot of picture taking, and all of the life storytelling that you do when you meet new people was over, we headed up to the second floor where our room was located.

As common to the canal style houses, each floor was its own room. With that being said, there are only three rooms in the whole BnB! This came as a shock to me.. no wonder The Guardian article described Kamer 01 as intimate; Peter and Wolter literally converted their home into a bed and breakfast. How much more intimate can you get?

So like I was saying, we were guided up to our room on the second floor. Our room was called the “Red Room” and, with no surprise, the room was completely decked out in red from the walls, to the bed, to the perfectly situated seating couch that overlooked the canal.

dsc01379 img_5525 dsc01385

Instantly, the room felt like home. I mean, seeing as it is in an actual home, how could it not? But even more so is because the room felt unlike any hotel I had ever ventured into. The attention to detail in the room’s décor was beyond anything I could imagine. The picturesque windows overlooking the canal on which our lovely bed and breakfast resided were great to people watch from (let’s be honest, we all do it from time-to-time) and let in great sunlight throughout the day.

As for the nitty gritty details of the room; the bed was quite large and like a cloud. The comforter was of course of the highest quality. Along with that, everything else in the room was of great quality as well. The soaps, pillows, and even the large bowl of mints that were put in our room for us to enjoy were of great quality. I can’t stress enough how much our hosts focused on the details and quality of the room.

One of the best surprises of our stay was the breakfast. Me being a lover of all foods, especially new foods in a new country, I enjoyed the delicious breakfast course that Peter and Wolter prepared for us. An intricately placed adornment of various fruits began our course, followed by fresh yogurt & granola and finished off with a bread and cheese spread. I’ll just stop right here and take the time to say how much I enjoy the bread in Amsterdam. Each country in Europe seems to have their own bread specialty and I found that the dark, earthy bread that we tried at the BnB was beyond amazing. Why can’t we have this kind of delicacy in the United States?

dsc01390 img_5542

Overall our stay was beyond amazing. The hospitality shown by both Peter and Wolter was unlike any hotel I have ever stayed at. I truly believe the background that these men have in hospitality is what took this BnB over the top. I can only imagine if I had been working in the hotel industry for years, I would be looking into every aspect that people do wrong in order to make my BnB the best it could be. It’s clear that is what these men did, and because of that I enjoyed my stay and felt completely at home.

If you want to stay at Kamer01 while you’re in Amsterdam, you can checkout their website here. Peter and Wolter informed me that they purposely skip over trying to book through the traditional booking sites so I suggest booking straight through their website so there is no confusions!

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