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If you travel and you haven’t heard of Air BnB, you must’ve be living under a rock for the past several years. Air Bnb is basically one of the best sites ever created in the history of the internet (bold words, I know). But I seriously adore this site. Essentially, it is a website for anyone who has a spare room in their house to a spare apartment (you know, just lying around) where people can list their spaces and rent them out like a hotel room. So you could find and rent an entire apartment, a private room, a shared room, or even.. A WHOLE ENTIRE CASTLE!What are the benefits/reasons why I LOVE Air BnB so much? Well, let me explain..

It’s a Home Away From Home

Ever feel like a hotel is just way too uncomfortable? The fridge is inconveniently too small, the bed is horribly uncomfortable, it is questionable as to when the last time your room was actually deep cleaned (let alone had the carpets changed). Unless you’re paying top dollar for a nice hotel room, chances are your experience booking a room for your overnight stay is usually less than ideal. With that said, let Air BnB come to the rescue! Instead of the place you’re renting being a hotel, it is actually someone’s apartment. Whether they are renting the entire place out or just a room, it is still an actual apartment. So the renters usually buy more comfortable furniture and the place has at least some sort of kitchen. If I’m staying for somewhere longer than two nights, I personally love having the option to bring home food and make it if I so do please. It’s healthier and cheaper.. woop woop! Also, a lot of people rent out their Air BnB’s for long term! Aka, monthly rates!

Your Renter is Always Just a Message Away

I remember getting to my first Air BnB ever with my three other college graduate friends and we couldn’t figure out how to use the air conditioning.. to be fair, they technically don’t teach you that in college. But luckily, one simple message through Air BnB’s app and 20 minutes later, the woman renting the place showed up to help four supposed adults turn on a simple air conditioning unit. This also goes for any trouble you may have trying to find or get to the location. Traveling overseas and scared you won’t be able to find the place? The person who you are renting from will be super helpful with guided details on how to get there! Plus, the renter is usually a local and they have a ton of insight on all the best places to go to and eat at.

Compared to hotels.. IT’S CHEAP

Consider yourself a “budget travel”? Are you a tight-wad (do people still say that?) like I am and try to save money whenever possible? Renting an Air BnB is pretty inexpensive! I have stayed in Hong Kong, Spain, South Korea, and San Diego.. All times I didn’t pay over $99/night AND the more expensive Air BnBs were split by me and other people. I cringe at the idea of having to spend money on expensive accommodations so honestly, this is my favorite aspect of Air BnB. You can easily find nicer places than the hotels in the surrounding area.

The place I rented in San Diego PHOTO COURTESY OF AIRBNB.COM

The place I rented in San Diego

So like I said, I’ve had experiences with Air BnB all over the world. I was actually extremely lucky to have had an amazing first time experience when I was in San Diego. Me, my best friend, and two of our guy friends from college stayed in a two bedroom, two bathroom condo in San Diego near the Gaslamp District. The place was clean, had a fully equipped kitchen, a huge living room, and a jacuzzi & gym within the complex that we could use all we wanted. The renter was super helpful, gave us tons of recommendations, we enjoyed an amazing trip in San Diego, and it felt more like staying at someone’s home rather than an uncomfortable hotel room.

Fast-forward to the time that I made a huge travel error and booked my flight to Hong Kong, where I planned to transfer to a flight to Barcelona, a whole day BEFORE my flight to Spain took off. I mean, it could’ve been worse.. At least I didn’t arrive in Hong Kong a whole day after my Spain flight, right?

Anyways, Unless I wanted to stay a whole 22 hours in the Hong Kong airport– which wouldn’t have been bad because its actually a REALLY nice airport– I had to book myself a place to stay. As much as I love staying in hostels, its not ideal when you have a lot of luggage with you. So, I turned to my good ole best friend, Air BnB. I booked a private room in a quaint little apartment in the middle of Hong Kong Island and stayed there for the night. The one downside? It didn’t have any mirrors!! I am not super girly, but I would at least like to see that I don’t look like a Gremlin before I leave for the day!

Girona, Spain

Girona, Spain

Next was the time I took a solo trip to Girona, Spain. I wanted to see the old remains of the city that people in Barcelona told me about so instead of going for the day, I spent the night there. I literally booked the room a day in advanced. This was again, a private room. A little old lady rented her spare room in her apartment out on Air BnB. She was super nice and even gave me coffee in the morning! She barely spoke English but it all worked out quite well.

The view from our room in Busan, South Korea

The view from our room

My last experience was when I traveled to Busan in South Korea about a month ago. It was me & my boyfriend, and we stayed in a studio apartment on the 38th floor of this sky-rise apartment building overlooking Busan’s most famous beach! How much was it? $75/night. Seriously.. it was a steal. I also said I love making meals at home sometimes and this was a perfect example of utilizing the kitchen. We made a delicious breakfast before we left for our last day there. You won’t find scrambled eggs, bread, and fresh fruit in a hotel! Well, you might. But it won’t be as good!!

Air BnB in Busan, South Korea

Air BnB in Busan, South Korea

So basically, if you’re traveling across the world, across the country, across the state, or going to visit your parents and would rather die than actually stay in their house, I would highly recommend Air BnB. Plus, if you sign up through any of the links I have in this article, You get $20 off your first stay AND I get $20 towards my account. I’d like to call this a win-win situation 😉

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    Hi Kirstie! I just stumbled upon your blog through your post on Blog + Biz BFFs Facebook group. Congratulations on your blog launch! I wish I’d come up with some posts before launching my own blog. I enjoy going through your blog, it’s got nice template and the look is clean. Travel is one of my niches as well. And most importantly, you’re a Potterhead too! Sorry, got a little bit too excited there.
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      Hi Lia! Thanks for the words of encouragement 🙂 It means a lot! And I totally understand the excitement when you read that someone’s a Potterhead too. That’s how you know you can really trust someone 😉

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