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Youtube Yoga

The Best Youtube Channels for Yoga

Youtube changed my yoga practice in the best way.. Yoga is my workout of choice for so many reasons. It’s time in my day that I know I will have to unwind and have nothing else to do. It helps with the two injuries I sustained from working out over the yeas. I can feel…

I have an Obsession.. It’s called Air BnB

  If you travel and you haven’t heard of Air BnB, you must’ve be living under a rock for the past several years. Air Bnb is basically one of the best sites ever created in the history of the internet (bold words, I know). But I seriously adore this site. Essentially, it is a website…

Best Trails in Zion National Park

If you want to go on a trip, to a magical land of red rock that will fill your soul with so much sensory pleasure that will forever make any other national park lack in comparison, then Zion is your place. I love hiking; end of story. I will seek out any sort of trail…

Leaving Part of my Heart in Puerto Vallarta

There are many cities that I feel like I left a little piece of my heart in, but Puerto Vallarta was something special. I have been to Mexico before, on a cliche cruise-around-the-Caribbean. Yet, Puerto Vallarta was so much more magical; so much more authentic.

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