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The best restaurants to eat at in Tunisia.

What Restaurants to Eat at in Tunisia

I finally made my first trip to a new continent.. AFRICA! Not only that but it was my first experience in an Arabic country. With all of the terrorist attacks that happened last year, Tunis has definitely been off that map. Plus, it’s pretty inaccessible for American tourists that, to be honest, I had never…

Seattle in 24 hours

  Seattle is a great historical city to visit filled with people who have pride in where they live! To my surprise, I even found out that the city has underground tunnels from when they had to build up the city due to flooding!

Vegan Restaurants in Portland!

  Portland is known to be one of the most vegan friendly places in the world! To say the least, I was super excited to go try as many vegan places as I could! Here are my recommendations on eateries to try while in Portland! Blossoming Lotus Blossoming Lotus is a contender for my favorite…

A Vegetarian Haven in Puerto Vallarta

Before leaving for Mexico, I was really worried about not being able to find vegan options besides going and getting produce from a Farmer’s Market. That’s great and all, but when you’re out in the city, restaurants are usually more convienent. When I arrived at my hotel, the concierge let us know about this vegetarian…

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