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Social Media is extremely time consuming and difficult to grasp– Yet in today’s digital era, it is KEY to a brand’s success!

I offer several different services that can help revamp your social media presence and brand identity! Plus, I love working with small businesses, business women, and bloggers like me! Don’t be shy to contact me, I promise I don’t bite!

My Services

Social Media Assistant

Like I said in my About Me, I love social media! It is my passion. If you are looking for a complete Social Media Assistant, I'm your girl! I have professional experience in:

- Instagram
- Facebook
- Pinterest
- Twitter
- LinkedIn
- YouTube

Instagram Revamp

Is your Instagram a bit lack luster? Are you not getting the kind of engagement that you had wished for? Let me help you do a complete Instagram revamp for your business!

This includes:

- A one on one Consultation
- Ways to target your specific audience
- Help with creating an Instagram theme
- Finding relevant hashtags to suite your needs

Instagram Management

This service is ideal for your brand or blog if you:

- Want to let go of the reigns for your Instagram account
- Give the control over to someone who can increase your engagement and following
- Increase the traffic to your brand
- Open up more time to focus on your brand/blog in other areas

Content Creation

Are you looking for someone to help you write better content for your business or your blog? This could include anything from:

- Your About Me Page
- Your Landing Page
- Blog Posts
- & almost anything you could think of!

Interested? Let's Talk!

If any of my services pique your interest, let’s get in touch! I would love to hear from you!

I can answer any questions you may have and we can discuss all of the nitty gritty.

Contact me here.

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