Minimalist Wardrobe

Essentials for a Minimalist Wardrobe

I’ve slowly been transitioning to having a more minimalist wardrobe. What does this mean? Literally what is says. Living with a minimal amount of clothes.. all of which you actually wear. For example, instead of having 20-30 sweaters, some of which you wear and some of which you don’t, you would have 2-3 sweaters. All…

My First Impressions: Korea

New students are constantly asking me, “Why did you choose to come to Korea??” Of which I always answer, “Because I love Asian culture, the food looked amazing, and let’s be real.. the pay for teachers is GOOD.” But once I arrived in Korea to teach English, what did I really think?..

Instagram Accounts That Will Help Inspire You

Getting into a rut can literally happen to anyone. It happens.. and when it does, its quite annoying. What’s even worse is trying to come up with new content for Instagram when there are SO MANY beautiful accounts out there! But wait.. there are so many beautiful accounts out there. Instead of seeing them as…

Where To Find Unique Stock Images For Free

Gone are the days of stock images looking like mannequins that are laughing while they enjoy a bowl of unappetizing lettuce. In today’s digital era, we are able to enjoy a bountiful array of unique stock images that are not only free but will excite your senses. Do I sound like I love stock images? Perhaps….

Youtube Yoga

The Best Youtube Channels for Yoga

Youtube changed my yoga practice in the best way.. Yoga is my workout of choice for so many reasons. It’s time in my day that I know I will have to unwind and have nothing else to do. It helps with the two injuries I sustained from working out over the yeas. I can feel…

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