Essentials for a Minimalist Wardrobe

When building a capsule closet or the perfect minimal wardrobe, you need specific pieces that are timeless and beautiful. Here are some minimal, yet essential items when building your minimalist closet.

I’ve slowly been transitioning to having a more minimalist wardrobe. What does this mean? Literally what is says. Living with a minimal amount of clothes.. all of which you actually wear. For example, instead of having 20-30 sweaters, some of which you wear and some of which you don’t, you would have 2-3 sweaters. All of which you wear– all of which you love.

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The Best Youtube Channels for Yoga

Yoga Youtube

Youtube changed my yoga practice in the best way..

Yoga is my workout of choice for so many reasons. It’s time in my day that I know I will have to unwind and have nothing else to do. It helps with the two injuries I sustained from working out over the yeas. I can feel more connected to my body. Practicing yoga also helps ward off any unwanted episodes of depression. All around, it’s more than just an exercise. It really is a whole mind/body experience.

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Leaving Part of my Heart in Puerto Vallarta

There are many cities that I feel like I left a little piece of my heart in, but Puerto Vallarta was something special. I have been to Mexico before, on a cliche cruise-around-the-Caribbean. Yet, Puerto Vallarta was so much more magical; so much more authentic.

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