A Vegetarian Haven in Puerto Vallarta

Before leaving for Mexico, I was really worried about not being able to find vegan options besides going and getting produce from a Farmer’s Market. That’s great and all, but when you’re out in the city, restaurants are usually more convienent. When I arrived at my hotel, the concierge let us know about this vegetarian buffet that he swore was amazing. So my friend and I decided to go try out Planeta Vegetariano!

The restaurant was quiant, which is just how I like my restaurants. Fancy places are too intimidating. The walls were decorated with different American movie characters from Aladdin to Harry Potter! All of this was molded into their tropical theme. Gaudy? A little.. But it gave the place character!

Our concierge was right about one thing though.. the food was amazing! All-you-can-eat for around $7 is a great price and to find out the food was amazing as well? Couldn’t ask for more! Although do be aware that it is a vegetarian place with vegan options!

My friend and I went three times during our week in Puerto Vallarta. Twice for breakfast and once for Dinner. I will definitely go again next time I am in Puerto Vallarta

Have you ever been to Planeta Vegetariano? Where have you been that had the best Mexican food?

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