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Youtube changed my yoga practice in the best way..

Yoga is my workout of choice for so many reasons. It’s time in my day that I know I will have to unwind and have nothing else to do. It helps with the two injuries I sustained from working out over the yeas. I can feel more connected to my body. Practicing yoga also helps ward off any unwanted episodes of depression. All around, it’s more than just an exercise. It really is a whole mind/body experience.

But why might Yoga be for you?

First off, it’s an ideal workout/habit for people who are traveling. You can literally do yoga anywhere. Outside, in your hotel room, on a patio, on your bed if you really don’t have much room anywhere. Plus, when we travel, we often put a lot of stress on our bodies from walking a lot or sitting too much on long haul flights & train rides. For you to have something in your back pocket to unwind, destress, and detoxify your body is incredibly invaluable when it comes to stay healthy when traveling abroad.

Or.. If you’re not a travel and need to save money (like I love to do), then following videos on Youtube can be a a gift from the heavens. By watching at home, you don’t have to worry about shelling out crazy amounts of money for high-priced yoga studios that you may or may not even like .

Or or.. you simply don’t have enough time to drive all the way to a yoga studio as much as you would like to go. During the week, my mind is in blogging mode. Going all the way to another part of town just to be able to get my practice in does not fit into my busy schedule. So practicing at home can be really handy when you are tight on time.

Now, this isn’t to say that you should never go to a yoga studio. If you’re new, I highly recommend at least going to a studio for a couple of weeks so you can have someone correct any mistakes you may be making and don’t even realize that you’re doing.

Yoga can be extremely beneficial to your mind and your body. Yet, one thing I have realized after practicing for several years is, you have to like the yoga instructor. I have met instructors who are genuinely kind and I have met instructors that made me feel like I wasn’t good enough to be in their class. Finding the right instructor is KEY and it took me awhile to find people that I loved on Youtube.

Youtube Yogis that I love:

Celest Pereira

I came across Celest’s channel when I was looking for a yoga routine for my oh-so-lovely herniated disc (sarcasm to the MAX) injury that I am currently dealing with. First off, she has a beautiful British accent. That should be enticing enough. If not, she is always smiling and her genuine passion for yoga literally oozes out of every word that she says. I also love that she has more advanced practices. Though, this probably isn’t something I should be thinking about with a herniated disc but OH WELL. She also has plenty of videos for beginners and how-to videos for poses that you may not really understand.

Yoga With Adriene

I was in Barcelona when I first decided to try and be more serious about my yoga practice during my travels. Yoga with Adriene was my first go-to Youtuber for this. She is extremely genuine, authentically funny, proffesional, and has so many different videos for so many different purposes. Her videos are great for beginners to intermediate yogis. Plus she lives in Austin, Texas and it’s my DREAM to go live there (or at least visit) one day!

Yoga TX (specifically, Cole Chance)

The ladies at Yoga TX are the best. Really. They have videos for everything you could imagine and are coming out with new videos every Tuesday and Thursday. I specifically love the instructor Cole Chance. She is a badass female (seriously, when she does chaturanga, I am thoroughly distracted by her arm muscles in the best way). She is super informed and has a welcoming aura about her that is mixed with a mellow and relaxing tone of voice. Also, the channel has plenty of videos for any injuries you may have! Wow, I never thought I would be talking about injuries at 24 *sobs internally*.

Sarah Beth Yoga

If you want a straight-forward practice with no funny business, Sarah Beth is your girl. She does a voice-over for her videos which means that she talks about solely the practice. No side anecdotes about what she had for lunch earlier that day (though I sometimes enjoy that). Sarah is very professional with plenty of different videos for whatever you may be wanting to achieve.

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