“What do you want to do with your life, though?”


I get asked this question all the time. It seems to be everyone’s main concern for my life/future when they hear that I’m choosing to live abroad. Though I’ve never been one to worry about other people’s opinions, I do have many moments of self-doubt and panic stricken worries about my future that end the consumption of anything sweet that I can get my hands on and restless nights. Cause, who doesn’t love questioning their entire existence the night before you have to wake up at 6am?


So what do I want to do when I get older? Am I always going to be living a life where every 6 months- a year I have to sell half of everything I own so I can pack up and move somewhere new?

Contemplating these questions, along with a sweet little message from a friend PERSISTING that I create some concrete goals for myself, made me realize one big thing about my personality:

Constant travel isn’t for me.


BAM! Whoa.. I have finally figured it all out! (But not really, not even close).

I’ve always felt like I was missing something throughout my 2 years of living all over the world. When I first graduated college and sold everything I own, I was completely convinced that I would be THAT person who traveled NONSTOP. I was convinced I would be happy seeing the world, as quickly as possible, regardless if I was seeing it alone.

But that’s not who I am and now that I have realized that, I am so excited for life! #BringItOn #JudgeMeForUsingAHashtag

Solo travel is great, don’t get me wrong; living abroad has given me so many experiences and widened my perspective in ways that I never could’ve imagined. But as far as trying to live in as many countries as I can fit into my 20’s, I’m not interested in that anymore.

Friends. Stability. Community. The chance to create something for myself. Those are what I want.

How will I do that? Well.. I’m not totally sure. But what I do know is that I have some exciting goals that I am currently pursuing and with the opportunity to go anywhere in the world, deciding where to move to next to implement these goals is quite overwhelming but thrilling at the same time.

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If this still doesn’t satisfy your need to know what I want to do with my life, then here is an even more vague and ambiguous answer.. Being happy in life is really all I want to be. I don’t want to pursue a fancy job or make a lot of money. I just want to be happy—Now, when I’m older, always.

How about you? Are you Interested in Pursuing Happiness with Me?

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