My experience with a Raw Food Diet

About two weeks ago, my best friend and I decided to try out a raw food diet. We already eat plant-based diets and love raw food recipes so we figured, why not? We’re always up for a challenge! Plus, I was able to borrow my parent’s food processor which makes eating raw sooo much easier. Our expectations? To feel more energetic and find a new love for raw food and veggies.

What is a Raw Foods Diet?

A raw foods diet involves eating fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and a few other foods in their natural form. You are allowed to heat food but only until about 104-118 degrees (depending on who you ask). Heating food above these temperatures gets rid of some of the nutrients in the foods and also causes the foods to lose their enzymes which are essential for digestion.

So basically, what I was expecting was salads and smoothies.. all day, everyday. My friend and I decided to do a two week cleanse, which actually ends in two days.

How did the cleanse go for me?

There are several key aspects that I want to point out about doing this cleanse. The first is that it is better than all other cleanses because I never felt deprived! I was never hungry. If I was, I would just eat more salad or an apple! This was a huge change from other cleanses I’ve done like juice cleanses. Those involve you never really feeling full which would cause me to be grump and snap at people.. trust me, you wouldn’t like me when I’m hungry.

As for my expectations concerning my energy levels and love for raw veggies, the latter was the only one I saw a change in. I didn’t feel much of a change in my energy level (Don’t get me wrong, my energy levels are find as is.. I just thought that maybe I would start feeling like Super Women!) But the best part of the whole cleanse is that I found a new love for raw vegetables! I crave salads now! That’s a huge change from always craving steamed kale 😀

After eating only raw foods for two weeks, would I do it again? Most definitely! I fully believe that this way of eating is great for your body and will help change your perspective on food!


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