Deciding to Say Goodbye to the United States and Hello to the World!


I would be joking myself if I didn’t give complete credit to my parents for making me feel the itch to travel. When I was little, my parents would use any time my brother and I had off school to go explore the United States. We owned an RV and drove from Florida to places like Maine and Mount Rushmore.

When I was transitioning into high school, my family made a trip out to Germany. This was my first experience in Europe and I was captivated. Traveling in the United States gave me a little bit of culture shock but Germany was a whole new fascinating world.


I have many interests but among them is a secret love for Art History. I was originally going to major in it, but sadly it is a field with very limited opportunities. I am the kind of person who will point out how a building is designed or carefully analyze a mural on the side of the road.

When I traveled to Germany I realized how amazing architecture and art in general can be when you leave the United States and dive into a world that is older than 250 years.

Not to mention I love meeting people and experiencing new cultures. Culture shock? Please.. bring it on! I love being out of my comfort zone. Learning about the way that people live is intriguing in the best of ways.

But on to the reason why I decided to travel the world once I graduate.. the simple answer is, why not? I have nothing holding me back, I have been lucky enough to build a small saving, and I am ready to release this travel bug that has been trapped inside me! When I tell people that I am choosing to travel, I receive an all too familiar response; “I wish I had traveled when I was young.” I want to do everything in my power to make sure I am not saying that when I am older.

I can’t wait to share my adventures with everyone. My first stop will be in Chengdu, China. Asia will be a whole new continent to me and I couldn’t be more excited!



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