6 Things About Catalonia That I Am Starting To Love


LONG TIME NO POST.. I have been adapter-less, and therefore laptop-less, since I arrived here in Barcelona. Not to mention it was NOT easy at all to find one in a store around here, so I was forced to buy one online and wait for it to come in the mail.

From my last post, you all know that I have moved to Barcelona for several months to work as an au pair! I’ve been here about two weeks now and I’m very much enjoying the sunshine and close proximity to the beach. But now that I am here, I have realized something.. I ‘m not actually in Spain.. I am in Catalonia (Catalunya in Catalan). Yes, it is technically a region in Spain, but this region is working hard to gain their independence from Spain. This region has their own traditions, culture, and even their own language– Catalan.

With all of this new culture and ways of living, I wanted to share with you all 6 things about Catalonia that are starting to rub off on me (in a great way)..


1. Everyone’s Enthusiasm for the Outdoors

It’s no secret that Spain’s economy isn’t doing too well (a reason why Catalonia is having trouble gaining their independence), but from what my au pair dad told me is that the outdoors and sports stores are doing very well here in Barcelona! Why? People are always outside either biking, hiking, or running. Seriously, I have never seen so many people of all ages getting their workout on and enjoying the beautiful outdoors!

2. Tortilla (the egg-version)


No this is not your typical Mexican tortilla.. there is actually no flour involved at all. I kept calling this, and still do, an omelet because that’s kind of what it looks like! A Tortilla here in Catalonia is basically a very thick omelet with potatoes in it but there can be other things like veggies or cheese as well. They’re easy to make and delicious.. what’s not to love?

3. Sitting Down and Eating Every Meal

I am sure a lot of cultures and families do this.. but it is my first experience with this way of eating so just go with me here.. I love the idea of actually sitting down and enjoying your meal. At first it seemed a little repetitive, always setting the table, having tons of dishes. Remember, this is coming from a girl who used to eat in her car while driving.. But you really appreciate your food and enjoy making it when you take the time to sit down and eat it.

4. The mixture of Spanish and French that makes up Catalan

My reasoning for this may be that I am able to read some French and can therefore read some Catalan, which makes things a little easier sometimes.. But languages absolutely fascinate me as well. The fact that this culture has blended two languages together and basically made their own language is extremely intriguing!

5. Pan Con Tomate


No but for real.. they take raw tomatoes and smear them onto bread so a layer of tomato juice is left on their bread. Different, right? It’s called Pan con Tomate. I didn’t want to try it at first because it just seemed so weird and basic.. it couldn’t possibly taste good! Nope, I was dead wrong. It is amazing! The texture that the juice gives to the bread makes it ten times better.

6. Catalan Pride

Everywhere I go I constantly see Catalan flags. Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen a single Spanish flag (except maybe in Barcelona?.. Maybe) since I arrived here! The people of Catalonia are very proud of their rich culture and Catalan identity. They let it be known but not in an over-bearing, in your face kind of way.

Needless to say there are some aspects of Spain that I will be carrying over into my life when I leave (Like that tomato on bread.. I’m not kidding guys it’s amazing!)


Have you ever been to the Catalonia region? What did you like about the culture?

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