Saying Goodbye to China and Hello to Barcelona


I have had a whirlwind time in China; met some amazing friends, got my expensive camera & phone stolen, had a chance to attend a children’s charity event, and puked my brains out from food poisoning several times. There were goods.. there were bads.. but I appreciate China for what it is. With that being said, it is time to move on.


I never planned on staying in one place for longer than 6 months to a year. China has given me so many opportunities that I probably won’t be able to get elsewhere, but it also lacks the quality of life that I need to thrive.


Being from Florida and California, I love love love the sunshine. The pollution in China doesn’t allow for much of the sun to shine through and I really miss waking up to a bright and cheery day. Not to mention that, the city I live in, lacks any type of nature for me to go explore and indulge my senses in.

I’m not saying I won’t come back to China (especially since I am leaving one of my suitcases with some of my stuff here with a friend) but for now.. It is time for my next adventure! Which is..



That’s right.. I will be heading to Spain! (or Cataluña to not upset anyone!). I have decided to work as an au pair with an absolutely incredible family that I met through Au Pair World! They have a 13 and 16 year old daughter and I will finally find out what it is like to have little sisters! 😀

On top of getting the enriching experience of living with a family from another country, I will also be in Europe which means.. cheap travel! Hopefully I will be able to squeeze in a couple of trips to other countries (France to be specific..puisque je parle français) since traveling once you’re in Europe is so dang cheap.


I leave in less than two weeks at the end of December. I will spend Christmas here in Chengdu with my friends and boyfriend but I get to experience an authentic Spanish New Years with my au pair family! Can’t wait to see what adventures await!


Have you ever been to Barcelona? Any tips on what to See and Do?

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