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How a School in China Taught Me About Pure Happiness

Looking back on the day I graduated college (about 2 years now) it’s crazy, and a bit cliché, to think how much my perspective on life has changed. I would be kidding myself if I didn’t accredit this to all of the places I have lived abroad in. But one day that really stands out in the…

Saying Goodbye to China and Hello to Barcelona

  I have had a whirlwind time in China; met some amazing friends, got my expensive camera & phone stolen, had a chance to attend a children’s charity event, and puked my brains out from food poisoning several times. There were goods.. there were bads.. but I appreciate China for what it is. With that being…

Solo Travelin’: Hong Kong

  My first ever solo trip was to one of the most densely populated areas in the world, Hong Kong. I went there for a short three day trip.. just enough time to explore around Hong Kong Island and experience a little bit of the Cantonese culture.

My First Impressions: Chengdu

  Before I even left for China, people were telling me that I was in for the biggest culture shock of my life. I was ready to feel extremely uncomfortable, scared, out of place; basically a mixture of all feelings of uneasiness.

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Seeing a Giant Buddha in Leshan

  I finally took my first excursion outside of Chengdu (which I desperately needed), about 2 hours away to a town called Leshan. Living in a city when you’re the type of girl who loves the outdoors and fresh air can make you quite anxious. Luckily, I was able to go to Leshan with a…

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