Where To Find Unique Stock Images For Free

The best websites for unique stock photos for free that will help beautify any blog or website! These websites are royalty free images that are aesthetically pleasing, not boring, and are still high resolution!

Gone are the days of stock images looking like mannequins that are laughing while they enjoy a bowl of unappetizing lettuce. In today’s digital era, we are able to enjoy a bountiful array of unique stock images that are not only free but will excite your senses. Do I sound like I love stock images? Perhaps. There are weird things us bloggers get excited about, and aesthetically pleasing photography is one of them.

Finding stock images used to be a hassle, especially when you want them to fit a specific niche that your blog is aimed at. But nowadays, there are plenty of websites that will provide you with an endless amount of free stock images to choose from.

Although I try to use stock images sparingly, I do use them from time to time. When I first started out building my blog, I decided to scower the internet in search of the best websites from everything to fonts & themes to clip art & stock images. So, I have decided to spare you the time of searching the never-ending internet and let you in on all of the websites that I have found to be extremely useful in my blogging venture.

Websites for Free and Unique Stock Images


I have to list this site first because in all honesty, it is the first one I used and remains my favorite to this day. Their website is clean, easy to use, and all of the photos are licensed under Creative Commons Zero, which simply means you can do WHATEVER you want to these photos without providing any attribution whatsoever. This is a great thing, especially because providing credit can get a little tricky sometimes. You can even subscribe to their email list, and get ten new photos emailed to you every ten days!

Unique Stock Images


Again with the no attribution theme, this website provides high-resolution photos that have no copyright regulations. Want to find a great landscape photo? Or a photo os some colorful pencils? StockSnap.io has a variety of different, unique stock images that will work perfectly for any website or blog you’re trying to build.

Unique Stock Images


Snapwire Snaps

Snapwire Snaps is a Tumblr account that adds 7 new photos every 7 days. It is a clean site, with a nifty search box to find more specific photos that you may be looking for. And, sorry for sounding like a broken record, but the photos are.. you guessed it.. free to use!

Unique Stock Images



SplitShire is filled with an assortment of photos that have an authentic feel to them, unlike traditional stock images. I love using their Categories feature and seeing all of the different images that they have to offer.


GetRefe Tumblr

This page is a Tumblr account for the parent website, getrefe.com. Their Tumblr is all of their high resolution, free, and unique stock images that anyone can use. The only downside is their lack of a search bar. Which means you need to scroll through their feed to see all of their photos. Other than that, the images are pretty freakin fantastic!

Unique Stock Images


There are plenty more websites out there for stock images, but these are definitely my personal favorites.

Leave a comment below letting me know if you used any of these sites or if there are different sites you love! 


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