Instagram Accounts That Will Help Inspire You

Feeling lack your lacking ideas for Instagram photos? Need some inspiration? These beautiful Instagram accounts will help inspire you with their thoughtfully planned themes that tie together their whole feed.

Getting into a rut can literally happen to anyone. It happens.. and when it does, its quite annoying. What’s even worse is trying to come up with new content for Instagram when there are SO MANY beautiful accounts out there! But wait.. there are so many beautiful accounts out there. Instead of seeing them as your competition, see them as your Instagram inspiration!

Now, I am in no way saying that you should straight up copy someone’s profile. That is wrong on so many levels and to be honest, a bit creepy. But what I am telling you is that we all need a bit of inspiration at times and following different accounts that help our creativity flow is not only a good thing, it can be necessary at times. Plus, it can never hurt to interact with Instagram users that you love or are in the same niche as you.

So what does this mean? If you’re a food blogger, go out and find some inspiring food stylists, fellow foodie bloggers, or accounts dedicated solely to showing off mouth-watering images or recipes that will make you want to (almost) eat your phone screen. You can see what they are posting and hopefully it will inspire your next Instagram masterpiece!

Same goes for all the other niches. Travel blogger? Follow some photographers and other travel bloggers. Fashion blogger? Follow one of the (many) fashion bloggers out there. Wellness coach? Follow other wellness coaches or health-related accounts. Seeing your feed full of photos that you are interested in and are within your niche, will hopefully help you think of new ideas for your next Insta post.

As for me? I follow a plethora of accounts that work as my Instagram inspiration about blogging, travel, and wellness. I’ll break them down by category. Get ready to hear me gush about these people.. Instagram really is my favorite app (sorry Facebook).

Blogging Instagram Inspiration

Instagram Inspiration

Dana Fox @wonderforest

When building my blog, The Wonder Forest was an indispensable resource for any problem I encountered. Naturally, I decided to follow this blogging master on Instagram and what I found was a very unique and different theme that I loved. The majority of her feed is white, with subtle hints of color here and there. She also heavily uses a filter with a bit of a fade across her photos. The result? A magical feed that seems almost fairy-tale like.

Instagram Inspiration

Stephanie Gilbert @stephjgilbert

This is another blogging whiz that I gratefully bow down to. She is a bevy of blogging articles and resources. Her feed is the epitome of simple instagram inspiration. Really, if you have ever thought that you have nothing to photograph, simply take a look at her feed. She can make any photo look like a photographic gem.

Instagram Inspiration

Suzanna Stein @noodoso

Suzanna is a lifestyle blogger living in Pasadena, California. First off, let’s point out that she has a cat in her feed so that automatically makes her awesome. Second, her feed is super clean with a lot of white. I am sure I will say this many times, you can’t go wrong with a white background! This account is a perfect example of inspiration for the everyday life of a full-time blogger.

Travel Instagram Inspiration

Instagram Inspiration

Brooke Saward @worldwanderlust

If you love travel and haven’t heard of Brooke, you either live under a rock or are new to Instagram. She is an amazing travel blogger that not only brings her A-game to the travel world, but the fashion world too. She keeps a beautiful theme with lots of natural light, color, and a slight fade that combines to give you, as her insta name says, a major case of wanderlust.

Instagram Inspiration

Edna @expatedna

Europe is already a beautiful destination in itself. But somehow, Edna makes it look even more breath-taking. She can manage to take a photo of a door in Paris and make it look even more stunning. I also personally love that she decides to go with a brighter theme because photos with a higher brightness value are my fav!

Instagram Inspiration

Emilie Ristevski @helloemilie

I came across this account recently when I decided to switch over to focusing more on travel. I think it’s safe to say that the most unique part of her account, aside from the breath-taking destinations she travels to, are the colors. Each post seems to have a dominate color or a slight tint to the whole photo. Traveling is hard enough; I strongly commend this girl on being able to seamlessly string her travel photos together. Let her flawless photos for travel be your Instagram inspiration.

Wellness Instagram Inspiration

Instagram Inspiration

McKel Hill @nutritionstripped

I have been following McKel Hill for a long, long, long time (I believe about 3 years now). I watched her Instagram slowly transform into the beautiful masterpiece it is today. She posts about anything from healthy recipes, working out, her daily routine, or even about the release of her new cookbook! Her account is also clean and simple and plays a lot with the color white. The contrast of a white background with a colorful recipe that she created makes her Insta feed look cool, calm, and collected.

Instagram Inspiration

Dana Shultz @minimalistbaker

Clean eating and minimal ingredient recipe Instagrams will have my heart, forever and always. I’m great at baking but when it comes to cooking, I should not be trusted with this task alone. I’ve always loved Dana’s recipes but what I love equally as much is the style that she uses for her photos. She not only takes clean, simple photos, but she they’re also highly contrasted and saturated so everything just.. pops! Remember when I talked about wanting to eat your phone screen? Yep.. this account will be one of those.

Instagram Inspiration

Mind Body Green @mindbodygreen

I already subscribe to Mind Body Green and receive their daily emails in my inbox. They have a never-ending supply of articles on anything from different ways of eating, to yoga, to how to be happier. But why do I love their Instagram? First off, I love any feed that switches off from quotes and pictures. It look aesthetically organized and it’s nice to not always just see photos on Instagram. Inspirational quotes get a lot of attention on Instagram and personally, I have about 500 screen shots of quotes from Insta stored in my camera roll.

Which accounts are your Instagram Inspiration? Are there any I missed? 

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