Author: Kirstie Taylor

My favorite memories of Paris

Soon, it’ll be three months since I decided to move to The City of Light. I’ve had some whirlwind of experiences and feel like I got a real, authentic taste of the Parisian culture. What were my favorite parts? Let’s get started..

The best restaurants to eat at in Tunisia.

What Restaurants to Eat at in Tunisia

I finally made my first trip to a new continent.. AFRICA! Not only that but it was my first experience in an Arabic country. With all of the terrorist attacks that happened last year, Tunis has definitely been off that map. Plus, it’s pretty inaccessible for American tourists that, to be honest, I had never…

How to apply minimalism in different aspects in your life. From a capsule wardrobe & a minimal diet, to a minimalist fitness & minimal interior design. This is great for learning how to live with less but experience more.

What Even is Minimalism?

So this may be a term you’ve heard thrown around a lot lately. Minimalism. The idea of living more freely by living with less. It is simply the idea of getting rid of what isn’t necessary in our life in order to not feel overwhelmed and focus on making memories instead of buying more and…

Becoming an Au Pair: Things To Consider

When I first thought about becoming an Au Pair, my main goal was to experience a different culture– specifically, somewhere in Europe. For us Americans, it’s not easy (or cheap) to just live in Europe for the heck of it. You need to have a specific purpose for being there, unless you’re lucky enough to…


A Day in Andong: Hanging out with Ajummas

Yesterday was chilly and super windy but I decided to the day inĀ Andong, which houses the most traditional village in South Korea and some of the best damn fish you will ever try. Not only that but I was accompanied by three hilarious and youthful ajummas that made the whole trip quite spectacular. So what…

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