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About Lux and Lavender

Lux and Lavender is a place for creative beings to feel inspired to live life out of the ordinary. Are you looking to pack up your things and travel the world? Maybe you want to start your own kickass biz? Or maybe you want to feel more connected with someone who thinks the same way you do about life? If so, you’ll feel right at home on L & L.

Travel. Minimalism. Inspiration. Wellness. Sarcasm. // You’ll find it all here.

Always having felt slightly different than those around me, I decided to embrace a life that is out of the ordinary. That, combined with my desire to write down every little thought I have, is what created Lux and Lavender.

To tell you a little bit about me… I’ve been living around the world for several years now. I’ve already experienced the oriental lifestyle of China, vibrant culture of Barcelona, easy-going vibe of Los Angeles, and am currently living the Confucian ways of the Korea peninsula (South, not North of course). I’m an advocate of the minimalist lifestyle because I love being able to pack up my things and go in a moment’s notice. I’ve found a great work, life, and spiritual balance that’s ideal for me. And after all this time.. I still make plenty a shit ton of mistakes because I’m not perfect.. no one is!

But if you’re an imperfectly amazing being and want to be inspired by a coffee addict with a love for all things Harry Potter, then I welcome you with open arms!

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I would love to know where you’re from and what got you interested in my blog! Hell, if you’re in the area, I would even love to meet up for a cup of coffee!


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